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Developing Your Roadmap

Focused on a Life-Centered Strategy

Together, We’ll Talk Through

The Questions On Your Mind

  • How should I handle my employment compensation?
  • What should I do with my Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)?
  • Should I participate in the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)?
  • Is my family going to be okay?

Understanding the benefits available to you, and what changes need to be made as you transition, can feel complicated and confusing. As your personal advisor, I dedicate my time to understanding your specific situation and helping you discern what financial decisions make sense for your life.

Writing the Next Part of Your Story

Through a thoughtful one-on-one process, we’ll explore the areas in your financial picture that need addressing and lay out your goals. Whether you’d like to work with me on an ongoing basis or simply need a strategy for a certain need, here is a closer look at the services I offer:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning involves coordinating every facet of your wealth. We’ll create a cohesive strategy that is based on your distinct goals and oriented towards the lifestyle you want to lead.

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Investment Advisement

When building your portfolio, we’ll consider the tolerance for risk of both spouses along with your objectives. We will focus on a personalized investment strategy tailored for your specific needs.

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College Funding

With rising education costs, the need for planning is even more critical. I will help you understand the various ways you can save and what resources are available to support your children’s college pursuits.

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Student Loan Analysis

As a Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®), I’ll work with you to review the loans you have, explore what programs are available, and see if there are any opportunities for forgiveness. Together, we’ll figure out the best option to balance paying off your loans and accomplishing your goals.

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Solutions That Go Beyond the Dollars

I believe in building strategies that aren’t just based on numbers and cents—but on what makes your life meaningful. My role is to create a path towards your financial health and the lifestyle you and your family wish to experience.

The approach we’ll take together is comprehensive and life-centered, meaning we’ll consider your wealth, your life aspirations, and also the “what-ifs.” By recognizing the circumstances and challenges that come with aging, caring for growing children, and living through dynamic life experiences, your personal finances can turn from a source of stress into one of the most reassuring parts of your life.

Let’s Get Your Finances Organized

And illustrate how you want your tomorrow to unfold. Whether you know what services you need or would like to discuss, set up a conversation to explore working together.

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